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Imagine never having to use a chamois or towel again!

Using a chamois or towel to remove the bulk of the water has been tried, and as you know, often leaving fine scratches or worse still, a visible scratch from a single speck of grit trapped in the cloth.

The Jetwash System makes pure “de-mineralised” water to rinse the surface after washing, leaving only the pure H20 to evaporate.


De-mineralised water is safe to use on any surface or vehicle.


Car dealerships love the Jetwash system. With well over a hundred cars on the lot, regular grooming can be slow and cumbersome. Now they just rinse the cars with the Jetwash unit after washing for a watermark free shine, no drying with a chamois.

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Watermarks on chrome is every bike owners nightmare! Polishing those tight spots can be time consuming. A quick rinse with de-mineralised water, and you can be on the road enjoying the freedom your motorbike offers you.

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Unless you're 12 feet tall, drying off the high panels and windows can be a real stretch. Simply rinse off with the Jetwash de-mineralised water and you're good to go.

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A lot of motor homes are constructed from aluminium. Minerals such as salt, from being near the sea, need to be washed away regularly. The added bonus of de-ionised, “de-mineralised” water is that it acts like a sponge, wanting to absorb minerals to get back to its natural state, removing all the salt etc. from the at risk areas.

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