Jetwash Bottle Trolley

Jetwash Bottle Trolley

Cleaning with Jetwash can be a moving experience. For example, moving around the car yard to bring that magic Jetwash sparkle to the vehicles on the lot. Or moving around the home to use Jetwash on your windows and leave that famous watermark-free shine. Or moving around the factory…or moving around the aircraft hangar…you get the idea! 

To assist you with that moving experience, Jetwash introduces the Jetwash bottle trolley. There’s space to securely fit two 24-litre bottles in that stainless steel frame. The solid rubber wheels add to the manoeuvrability of the trolley, so taking the bottles to wherever you require a spotless clean is as easy as cleaning with Jetwash itself.

Other features include a 10-inch pre filter, a volume meter so you can keep an eye on bottle capacity, and strong construction so your bottle trolley will keep moving, and moving, and moving…and thanks to the magic of those Jetwash bottles, everything you clean on your travels will be sparkling, and sparkling, and sparkling.


  • Stainless Steel Frame,
  • 10 Inch Pre Filter,
  • Solid Rubber Wheels for Manoeuvrability,
  • Volume Meter,
  • Holds Two 24 Litre Jetwash Cylinders

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