Jetwash Unit

Jetwash Unit

It might not be a Ferrari, but if you want an easier way to clean – a much easier way to clean - and a watermark-free shine once you’ve finished the job, then this JetWash unit just has to be the best thing on wheels. 

Actually, there is a touch of Ferrari to the Jetwash unit. The motor and pump within the unit are Italian-made; they provide the power that sends pure de-mineralised water through a 20-metre hose and wand. When that happens, so too does the magic of a sparkling and spotless JetWash clean.

With room for two 24-litre Jetwash cylinders, the unit delivers up to 8000 litres of H2O, and nothing but H2O. It’s the resin within those cylinders that transforms ordinary mineral-laden tap water into pure de-mineralised water, completely free of minerals and other compounds that leave unsightly splotches. A volume meter tells you how much capacity is left in the cylinders, so you won’t run out when you least expect it. Plus, ordering and exchanging your Jetwash cylinders is a very simple process.   

Those solid rubber wheels make it easy to take the Jetwash unit wherever you need to use it; around the house, the car yard, the factory, the aircraft hangar, anywhere you want a sparkling finish without having to use a chamois or towel to dry the surface. Because the Jetwash unit uses de-mineralised water which evaporates cleanly without leaving tell-tale marks, you can rinse and forget.  No chamois. No scratches. No spots. No sweat.      

There’s a lot to like about the Jetwash unit. It’s easy to use. The long hose and wand allows you to direct water into hard-to-reach places. Most important of all…it leaves a mark-free finish. When it comes to cleaning with sparkling results, the solution is pure and simple. It’s the Jetwash unit, the best thing on wheels.


  • Stainless Steel Frame,
  • 10 Inch Pre Filter,
  • Volume Meter,
  • Italian Made Pump & Motor Set,
  • 1750 psi,
  • 11 Litres per Minute,
  • 20 Metre Hose and Wand,
  • Carries Two 24 Litre Jetwash Cylinders,
  • Solid Rubber Wheels for Manoeuvrability,
  • Brakes on Rear Wheels

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