Jetwash Bottle Stand

Jetwash Bottle Stand

If you’re the type of person who believes there’s a place for everything, and everything in its place, then the Jetwash bottle stand has been designed and manufactured with you in mind. 

So, what does the bottle stand actually keep in its place? The answer is simple: those magical 24-litre Jetwash bottles. There’s space for two bottles in this strong and stable stainless steel stand. It’s ideal if you clean with Jetwash in the one place all the time, like a car wash bay, garage, factory or warehouse.  You’ll know where the Jetwash bottles are at all times. 

One of the other big benefits of the Jetwash bottle stand is safety. The bottles are kept firmly in place within the sturdy frame, and won’t topple over – and being the tidy person you are, that is a messy situation you’d be keen to avoid. 

The Jetwash bottle stand has other features as well, including a 10-inch pre filter, and a volume meter so you’ll always know the remaining capacity of your Jetwash bottles.  

Jetwash keeps it clean. And the bottle stand keeps it tidy! It’s a win win situation for someone like you!


  • Stainless Steel Frame,
  • 10 Inch Pre Filter,
  • Volume Meter,
  • Holds two 24 Litre Jetwash Cylinders

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