Single Bottle Trolley

Flush your outboard with de-mineralised water to remove and prevent salt deposits!

The science behind why it works so well...

Pure H2O de-mineralised water is no longer 'water' as it has no minerals left in it.

When it comes into contact with minerals again such as sodium chloride (salt), it rapidly absorbs it, leaving the gallery's in your outboard motor completely clean and clear of salt deposits.

Simple to use

Connect the OUT port of the unit to the flushing connection (or flushing muffs), and flush the motor according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Test the rinse water with the purity tester supplied and stop flushing when the reading drops too 15. When the purity of the water coming from the bottle goes up to 10, it is time to send the bottle back to us to have the de-mineralising material in the bottle regenerated. This is done in Whitianga.

Other uses

The Single Bottle Trolley can also be used to wash your vehicle and is brilliant for washing your home windows. No drying to chemicals required.

Also available

Window cleaning brushes with extendable composite poles.

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